Gifts You Can Buy Online For Men

by admin on May 20, 2012

A guy’s personality and interests should guide you when gift shopping for men. Have an idea of what he might enjoy and appreciate before you go online shopping to avoid confusion.

For small gifts or when on a budget, cuff links, key chains, corkscrews , belts, wallets, bottle openers and pens are superb. Since they are common items, the catch is to have them in unique designs. Shop for cufflinks that have engravings, or that are made of two different materials like wood and brass.

The engravings can be bold if written but for engraved objects it is preferable for them to be subtle especially if he will wear them to the office. Be on the lookout for a three in one gift for these kinds of items. For example, find one that has a key chain, a bottle opener and a corkscrew as one item. They come in various materials like brass, iron, silver, stainless steel. It is prudent weigh up the appeal against durability.

If the guy loves beer as most guys do, a beer machine will be a good idea for introducing him to home brewing. Add a few beer mix packs to it to give him a full feel of it. Still on beer lovers, a full set of beer mugs or shot glasses will be great. Find glasses in different shapes like skulls for the goth lovers or find mugs printed with something of interest in the guys life.

For an easy to find online gift, buy him a sporting event ticket. Consider buying two tickets or more for his buddies for a sport that they enjoy and make them have a guys night out. If he is an indoor kind of guy, buy him the latest video game or DVD of a superhero movie that he loves or magazine subscription. You can order online for them immediately they are released to avoid buying something he already got.

For the adrenaline junkie, adventurous gifts are top preferences. They will certainly involve some outdoor activity. Book a hot air balloon ride or a white water rafting ride for his weekend and surprise him by driving him to the location.

If finances allow you can book online for a sailing cruise for that long weekend and inform him impromptu. Other ideas include online bookings of helicopter rides, hang gliding or driving a stock car. Affordable options would be Harley Davidson’s rental and let him ride all day. For the cowboy , give him a shocker by paying for bull riding lessons.

For gifts ideas that are subtle but thoughtful, think about desk organizers, paintings or business card holders. Have them custom made for the guy and delivered at his office.

Personalize them by having them in a design resembling and object related to his work. For instance if the guy is a contractor, find a desk organizer shaped into a hammer or a drill. Let the paintings reflect the kind of atmosphere you find at his work place.

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